Music: Morris Reese

Author: R.A. Montgomery

It's our 20th episode! This week we're breaking all the rules and reading a Choose Your Own Adventure series. Join us as we celebrate this totally arbitrary milestone!

***SPRING has sprung and we're on a little hiatus. We'll be back soon with more episodes. In the meantime, enjoy remastered versions of our old eps!***

Episode 19: Cabal Of The Westford Knight

Music: Morris Reese

Author: David S. Brody

After last week's salacious disaster, we're taking on a book that some might describe as National Treasure meets The DaVinci Code. In other words, a convoluted mess.

Episode 18: Saved

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Angel Payne

We went into this thinking it was a good Christian book, but God had other plans. This book is grade-A smut, and boy did it make us uncomfortable. If you listen close, you can hear us blush.


Music: Morris Reese

Author: Jon Mills

Our first sequel! Jack Winchester is back and, much like Austin, ready to take on the mob. Will our intrepid antihero prevail? Will Fat Vito fit him with a new pair of cement boots? Will Jack's poor girlfriend finally wise up and leave him? Will these God forsaken DEBTS finally be COLLECTED?

Episode 16: Trapped

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Douglas Richards

This is the only podcast where three adult men don't realize they're reading a children's book until halfway through. And that's the Amazon Book Club Guarantee.

Episode 15: Mirror Mirror

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Anthony M. Strong

This week we get spooky with a man who dumpster dives a haunted mirror and ends up with more than he bargained for. Is a free mirror really free if you end up paying the ULTIMATE PRICE???

Episode 14: Bluegrass Undercover 

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Kathleen Brooks

Get ready for a butt-ton of fun in the Florida sun with a problematic DEA agent who manages to fall in love with the local high school FOOTBALL COACH? A story you have to read to believe! Just kidding, don't read it, listen to us half-ass it instead.

Episode 13: The Debt Collector

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Jon Mills

Grab yourself a loaf of gabagool and strap in as Austin signs his own death warrant by directly challenging the mafia. 


Episode 12: Maple Syrup Murder

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Grace Lemon

Cider Island is a small town with a sweet tooth but it seems SOMEONE has a taste for BLOOD. Follow along with this fudge-filled whodunit and help us solve the ultimate crime: sweet, sweet murder. Plus, we spend an hour wrestling with the southern accents we've tried so hard to suppress!

Episode 11: INVASION

Music: Morris Reese

Authors: Johnny B. Truant & Sean Platt

Ah, the loose, meandering prose of Platt and Truant - not to be confused with Truant and Platt, a Fresno based law firm that specializes in Asbestos cases.

Episode 10: My Favorite Husband

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Pam McCutcheon

Join us in celebrating our 10th episode with a tale as old as time itself - a man legally declared dead miraculously reappears on the day of his funeral, which also happens to be the same day his wife is remarrying.

Episode 9: Sector 64: First Contact

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Dean M. Cole

Follow decorated WWII fighter pilot Tony Spinelli as he dresses an alien in his dead wife's clothes in order to save the Hoover Dam. Yes, that actually happens.

Episode 8: Telling Lies

Music: Morris Reese

Author: LA Dobbs

Buckle up for an old fashioned murder mystery... and if you thought one murder was a handful, hold onto your hat because LA plays for keeps. Can a ragtag group of small town cops deal out a heaping helping of big city justice?

Episode 7: Without You

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Yesenia Vargas

What this book lacks in plot, it makes up for in heart. And what it lacks in heart, it makes up for with an extremely convoluted basketball game. Join us as we dip into a YA novel that clearly isn't for us and we get in touch with our inner teenage girl.

Episode 6: Dinosaur EncOunters

Music: Morris Reese, John Tesh

Author: David Serra

No love story, no sex, no midwestern charm - just a whole lot of dinosaurs. And a surprising number of aliens! Not to mention, the first gruesome death scene in ABC history shakes us to our core. Please mourn with us!


Music: Morris Reese

Author: Kathryn Shay

Will a little emotional turmoil bring out the best or worst in us? Turns out it's a thin line! This is the podcast equivalent of witnessing a car crash -- get ready for a story you won't soon forget.

Episode 4: Father of Two

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Judith Arnold

Judith Arnold teaches us a lesson with this installment of her Daddy School series. We learn the nuances of a perfect Connecticut accent along the way.

Episode 3: The Cop Who Stole Christmas

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Christie Craig

Cops. Blood. Sex. Kitty Cats. We take a look at the next Christmas classic.

EPISODE 2: The Obituary Society

Music: Morris Reese

Author: Jessica L. Randall

We explore this thrilling tale of bake sales, pie crusts, and the ISIS takeover of Auburn, Nebraska.

Episode 1 : The Doctor's Christmas Proposal

Music: Morris Reese
Author: Eve Gaddy

Award winning author Eve Gaddy takes us to Montana in search of holiday romance. This adventure has everything you need: horses, brothers, doctors... and a lacerated liver or two